Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bear and Bird "Monsters Under My Bed" + a New Planet

The show at Bear and Birds was packed last night. It was insanely crowded that I had to go down to Tate's Toys and Comics instead which I totally enjoyed, unfortunately I couldn't find that Mazinger Z that I was drooling for but, man, that UFO Grendizer that they're selling is like a candy that I would love to suck eternally, it looks delicious. My friends Kim and Lance were there too and were amazed as well.

Here's some photos of the event courtesy of Amanda of Tate's.

And yes! I met new friends one month ago, sisters Kim and Thuong, and they've introduced me to a NEW PLANET which I will soon be discussing here once the citizens of that celestial body would allow me.

But for now, here is one of the many sketches I made while visiting there. Such a nice little peaceful place.

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