Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Panaginip ni Nanay at ni Oneng

"Panaginip ni Nanay at Oneng" - 17 x 30, watercolor & ink on paper

I visited a house once with a group of people and saw this brilliant original print by Mucha hanging on the wall. It was so strikingly beautiful that I spent almost the entire visit standing there while every one was walking around touring the huge house. I was absolutely impressed by this collection as a matter of fact jealous even. I was so jealous that I had to own one. But of course with a master piece like Mucha's the price probably is the same as the Porsche Carrera GT parked outside the house's driveway.

"Panaginip ni Nanay at Oneng" is way out of Mucha's brilliance but at least it's my own Art Nouveau pinoy style ready to be hung on our wall. Art Nouveau is not my style, I just wanted to own one but couldn't afford a Porsche.

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