Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Yes! I am Ryan Redilla

"Panaginip" study • pencil on paper

An old friend of mine asked me once, "when will you make your own site?" I have been working with computers as a graphic artist for almost 20 years now but for some reason I have been hesitant to make one. Ego maniacal that I am, still always had this scary thought of letting my identity read by a stranger.

Another friend of mine, and this time a high school classmate, miraculously stumbled upon me on a site. "Are you the same Ryan Redilla from Dagupan City National High School?" he emailed me. His name of course I remembered and I replied with such happy words: "Tangina mo!, Ako nga si Ryan Redilla. Kamusta na?! Booninam animal!" Ryan Redilla... I have never heard of that name for so long. With no facebook nor friendster account, it's really hard for some of my old acquaintances to track me online because back in the Philippines in my school days I was Jose Ryan "Bong" Redilla, with a double "L". Before my family moved to Guam we had to wait 8/10 years (can't recall) for all the paper works to be processed and waited another extra months for an extra paper to be worked on. And that extra paper works were to clear and prove all the necessary materials of our migration papers that we are same family written and being petitioned on the paper. Because for some odd circumstances our family name on the INS papers only has one "L". Not sure sure who to blame: The employee with a bad hangover who took care of the paper signing or perhaps it was my lolo, who signed the petition papers, that had sanmig bilog the night before (Never really asked my parents what the real reason was. Pretty sure my father will explain it on this blog).

What ever the reason is. Klasmeyts! Yes! I am Ryan RediLLa, Kamusta na? Bok-kitito animal!

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