Sunday, September 12, 2010

There are Monsters in the Gallery

I will be attending Bear and Bird's "Monsters Under My Bed" this coming October. My watercolor "Sleepplayer" will be there too along with artworks by South Floridian artists. So if ever you're in town on that date, please visit the gallery and check out the pieces. You might also be interested in comics, books and toys. They have absolutely amazing collection of toys and books. God knows how much I wanted to bring home that giant Mazinger Z.

Anyway, I was suppose to submit "Late Night Ballet" but Arceli, my wife, insisted that I have to go with the "Sleepplayer" piece, because it's her favorite and I love her. (And I have to listen to her. That's that! okay?!) So see you there.
"Sleepplayer", 9 x 10, Watercolor on paper

(update) Batchoy

I would like to say thank you to Kyle Davis for purchasing "Batchoy". It is one of those pieces that's so hard to let go. I just totally adore those two characters that a huge oil painting of it is lingering in my mind. Once again, Thanks Kyle, and I am so glad you love it to as much as I do.